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Om M Kesarkar 17-Jan-2022

This is a super positive feedback for Mrs. Dipali mam and Nikita mam (Teachers for Jr. Kg.- A).
Its very challenging to conduct online class especially for pre-primary students and keep them engaged. We were not sure whether Om will enjoy it.
But he enjoys attending school online. Infact he does not want to miss the session. Waking up early morning is a task for him but if we say,
"Ok, don't get up and you will miss school with Dipali, Nikita mam and your friends" - he wakes up prompltly.

We observed that Nikita mam commences the class by a small warm up like making the kids dance, run or any physical activity which helps kids to become attentive and not remain lethargic. It helps them to come out of sleep. Similarly, Dipali mam also plays Simon go back and the Statue game which Om looks forward to start his day with.

Dipali mam clears the basic concepts very well and sees to it that all kids are on the same platform. She gives opportunity to each one and appreciates them in return. She also tries to interact with kids in general, hence helping them to create a bond with their teacher too. She also appreciates the efforts taken by all parents for the same. Her instructions to make the child write and practice alphabets and numbers each day has helped Om immensely. We can see the difference in him over these months effectively. His speed of writing has increased and also started to read on his own. Thank you both the teachers for their efforts and creating liking for the school. We are sure that with such an enjoyable experience and positive start, Om will be looking forward to attend the school in person.

Anant Kumar Rai (Aanvi's Father from Nursery B) 15-Dec-2021

Big thank you to Farin ma'am, Anuroopa ma'am and Sakaram sir for organizing sports day. Not only it was well organized. Kids were also prepared well for the competition.

Rugveda Hadadare 14-Dec-2021

It was a great day. Sport day encourages kids to stay physically and mentally fit.
Games are the best way to stay healthy. Sports activities were very innovative and interesting. Rugveda enjoyed it very much.
Thank you all teachers and Shakaram sir.

Ojal Tidke 13-Dec-2021

Today's session was very nice as well as every PE period activities. Children's enjoyed a lots of this kind of activities. Shakaram sir also taken lots of efforts. Thank you Farin Mam & Anoorupa mam for arranging n coordering all such activities. Thanks pps for sports day arranging.

Shreesha Velhal 03-Oct-2021

Had very good experience on Open day conducted on 25th Sept., it was nice interacting with Anuroopa teacher, she clarified all my doubts also provided good suggestion regarding overall academic development of my kid, looking forward for more such a open days.

Dhirendra Shitole 01-Oct-2021

Hello Sir/Mam

My daughter Ira Dhirendra Shitole study in Nursery - E(9) and this is a feedback for Anurupa Mam, Fareen mam and Sakharam sir.
Its a super positive feedback from our end, initally we worried how 3 years old child will sit and learn in online classes but Mam always make sure that child will enjoy their teaching. She always take care of child very well and explain things in way child can understand easily. Ira can read and write all alphabets and she can count numbers till 10. we are very happy with her progress.
PT lecture from Sakaram sir is also very good, he is very enthusiastic and Ira enjoy his class.
I would like to thank teachers and school, its very difficult to teach child online but you are doing it very easily.

Thanks & Regards
Dhirendra Shitole

Rimpi Bhalval 28-Sep-2021

This feedback is for Deepali Ma'am.You are doing wonderful things to sharpen knowledge our children by using different methods and activities. Thankyou for helping my daughter(Kiaraa Bhalval A) to improve her learning and her confidence.

Rimpi Bhalval 28-Sep-2021

This feedback is for Deepali Ma'am.You are doing wonderful things to sharpen knowledge our children by using different methods and activities. Thankyou for helping my daughter to improve her learning and her confidence.

Veerbala Patil 27-Sep-2021

I am Veerbala Patil,a parent of Shivanya Patil(Nursery E). I would like to convey my special thanks to Anurupa Ma'am.,class teacher of my daughter Shivanya.She was also My son's (Soham Patil) class teacher..who is now in 5th std, since then i have known Anurupa Ma'am.She is really really good teacher and extreme good homan being...My daughter learning new things from Ma'am daily.My daughter developing day by day under her guidence.My children are very lucky to have Anurupa Ma'am as their class teacher.
Thank u so much Ma"am for your support and everything.

Rahul Milmile 22-Jul-2021

I am Rahul Milmile, my son is studying in 7 the class, I really want to appreciate the efforts that went in training, writing, conceptualizing, and executing of "Nrutya Natika". Hats off to Ujwala ma"am and Manjeeri ma"am for successful conduction of the program.
I recieved lot of calls about the program, praising the children for their efforts and school for organising such programs. I am really glad the children are learning variety of things in marathi language, right from abhanga, natya, wachan, gayan, and now powada also. Really appreciate the innovative ways ( conducting various activities like abhang presentation, powada singing etc) with which the teachers are making learning marathi fun.
Thank you Ma"am for all your efforts.

Pradnya Mandar Kundargi 19-Jul-2021

Hello Principal/Teachers,

This is Pradnya Kundargi. My ward Avindhya Kundargi (Roll No.14) is in Nursery (D) class. This is a super positive feedback for Lakshmi Teacher, Akansha Teacher and Rahul PE sir. My kid started recognizing alphabets, their pronunciations, Days in a week, Months in an year and many things in just 2, 3 months.
Lakshmi mam has real patience while dealing with all type of kids, and specially like Avindhya who is like a storm:).

Rahul sir's classes are joyful and energetic. He acknowledges each kid and appreciates all of them. Avindhya performs all the activities enthusiastically.

Overall a Best School, Best Teachers!! Thank you all for all the contribution and efforts you all are putting towards my child's overall development!!.

Best Regards,
Pradnya Kundargi,
+91 9890498592

Reshama Vishnu 04-Apr-2021

I, Reshama Vishnu, mother of Siddhant Vishnu (Class 10C, batch of 2021) would like to share my thoughts about the school and teachers. Siddhant has been in this school since Jr.Kg. and it has been a very wonderful experience for him. From the academics, to sports and extra curricular activities, PPS has a balance in all. All the teachers and staff are loving and supportive and help the children in their all round development. Even during this pandemic, PPS was ahead of many other schools. The entire faculty worked very hard and guided the students in their studies and completed the portion of class 10 before time. Revision, doubt solving and pre-boards were also conducted in a systematic way. I am sure that these students will ace their board exams thanks to the teachers. As a parent I am very proud that Siddhant was a part of Pawar Public School - Amanora. He will always love and remember this school. Thank you again.

Lubaina Laxmidhar 31-Mar-2021

I would like to convey my special "Thank You" to class teacher of Sr kg B "Priyadarshini Maam..".she is a wonderful teacher  and dedicated pre primary teacher who goes out of her way to impart knowledge to kids and make them ready for  std first...really appreciated all her efforts in teaching discipline and to kids even though the classes were conducted online..Her knowledge over English language and side by side  teaching the meanings of the words patiently to kids is impressive.........Thank you Maam for teaching my son Ammar.....

Avaneesh Jadhav 23-Dec-2020

Hello Sir/Mam,
I would like to thank School and all teachers for their efforts. All subjects are well taught in online classes. All teachers ensure to have all kids answering to questions and attentively listening to class. Thanks once again to have our kids engaged in this COVID pandemic.

Aarush Jadhav 23-Dec-2020

Hello Mam,
I would like appreciate a lot for Sakshi Mam teaching to Nursery A. She is so enthusiastic in every class that every student even if they are too young for online classes, they enjoy a lot. My son awaits for online class to happen and to talk with Sakshi Mam. I too attend it regularly and felt really nice to see the efforts from her keeping kids engaged. Once again I would like to thank School as well as Sakshi Mam to have such fully engaged online classes.

Reema Pable 23-Sep-2020

Respective Teacher's, Thank you for the initiative you take in online classes. Specially the activities about studies. Online classes are very interactive. Teaching pattern is easy and made simple for kids to understand the concepts. Riyaa is really enjoying the online classes and observed that she stay attentive. As for her age it is difficult to make her sit in one place. Second thing is she miss her school but online classes helps her to overcome it. Happy and satisfied with the online classes. Only thing she is missing now is meeting her friends, 1st std teachers and Anuprita mam personally.

Arjun Bamane 22-Jun-2020

software is very useful

Lande 20-Jun-2020

I appreciated all your efforts to adopt new way of connecting to student through online. As this is first time something like this is adopted so I do not like to comment anything.
I will like to suggest something here.
As technology is new so I think learning techniques also need to be changed and this is very important for kids who have never been to school and ever seen anyone online like this.
It's a big task for all teacher to create a good first impression and add value to classes.

We all are in this together and we can only make it worth by adopting change in every aspect of learning.

Thank You

Minakkshi Pawar 07-May-2020

Thank you Smita Mam for teaching my daughter Sharannya from 5 years but this year she has a lot of improvement in hindi .She is now getting very good marks .Smita Mam also gives extra information related to the chapter.While explaining the chapter mam also shares her experience which will very help for the students in the future. Once again thank you Smita mam

Johnathan 18-Apr-2020

Thank you for starting e-learning
Excellent School

Nitasha Bhattacharjee 11-Mar-2020

This feedback is for Archana Shinde mam.She is an amazing teacher and an extremly good humanbeing.I always felt my Son is in safe hands when Archana mam is around. My son feels so confident and can express himself freely as he knows that the teacher is not going to judge him. She has not only taught very well, but also taught kids how to express themselves confidently. As my son is going to next standard he will miss Archana mam a lot. Thank you mam for instilling confidence in the kids and appreciate your patience and love for all the kids.

Nilesh Tupe 09-Mar-2020

Kartiks year passed in the Third Std, C Division quiet quickly, he had new aspirations which were supported and groomed well by his teachers including Tejal Mam, Sangeeta Mam, Teena Mam, Akshada Mam. Kartik had a new skill this year -- playing drums, his aspirations were seen flowing into varied tunes throughout the evenings he spent studying. Importantly, what matters us is him maintaining a cultured decorum and a honest approach with good ethics. As he grows, we believe that PPS will be able to coach him towards better career aspirations. Special mention for the activities conducted this year including the science and art exhibition , SPURTI - sports event and many other extra curricular activities which made him think on new horizons, Thank You - Team PPS, Hadapsar

Manjusha 14-Jan-2020

My daughter is admitted in the school this year in Std 6th. I was very happy to see her interest in the art form. And I am thankful to the art teachers who have introduced my daughter with various art forms, various drawings like Japanese painting, Caricature, self potrait with various color scales, colour wheel (different for each group), Madhubani paintings, pillow cover painting/satin ribbon embroidery. Also her teacher had given her Diwali vacation assignment to visit Raja Kelkar Museum and draw the drawings of various artifacts showcased. She really enjoyed this activity. Also she wrote a report on her experience to the visit of museum. I am thankful to Akshada Mam for the same. Also her stay back arts teacher Sheerin Mam engage her with various activities which she enjoys a lot. Some of the artifacts done are wood-nail-string art, water colour painting and helping in various decoration for the school functions. Again I would like to thank all teachers for developing my child's personality.

Nilesh Tupe 27-Mar-2019

Dear Anuprita Madam and Kusuma Madam,

Thank you for the support that you have been for the development of our child - Nidhi. We strongly appreciate her final reports and the feedback we receive from you for the development of our child. Nidhi shows strong personality traits of quick response, strong thoughts and many a times puts us parents to a question what to say next. She shows good response to any study time activities and is dedicated to what she does. A clear voice with Nidhis speech is a clear denonation of her being able to communicate along with her peers in the class. Special thanks to Anuprita mam for the efforts she took to include Nidhi in the Annual Day event and giving her a special role to perform.

We strongly thank the teachers for making our kid a confident child!!

sangram govind phatangare 24-Mar-2019

Thank you for helping my daughter to improve her learning and her confidence in Basketball.
My child has progressed and seems to be doing extremely well. She is happy .
I found all teachers approachable and extremely helpful.
Special Thanks to Prajakta Madam for guidance in learning.
She is very strict about learning at same time she is always ready to solve queries asked by students .
Thank you for your fab input into my Kid."

Saicharan Umapathy Raju 21-Mar-2019

We (Umapathy R and Vanitha U) parents of Saicharan Raju would like to express our happiness and satisfaction towards - Mrs. Tejal J. Jhala (Teacher) who was my kids class teacher
for 2A.
The teacher has been excellent throughout the calendar year encouraging and motivating all the kids and I could see the difference in my son.
He would love going to school and would always mention that he enjoyed all the classes and those especially conducted by Tejal madam.

Honestly we need such teachers who in school our the best mentors for our kid ensuring the childs academic growth and foundation is built strong.
At this tender age of our kids ,guiding them to do right is a blessing which GOD has given to our teachers and hence our special thanks and appreciation to Tejal madam.

Thanking you.
Umapathy and Vanitha.

Sagar Chaturvedi 18-Mar-2019

I want to say that, we are very happy as parent for Havisha Chaturvedi that how Pawar School is teaching to students in equal way. How the approach of teaching, method of teaching is really really very good by which student who want to learn and who want to grow can easily grow in his/her carrier.

Really happy with School and proud that my daughter is studying in Pawar Public School.

Jayashree Toradmal 03-May-2017

Hello Teachers,

This is feedback is for Sangita maa'm and Jayashree Maam. This year my son Kshiteej did very good during the whole year and got really good grades and credit goes to Class teacher Jayashree maa'm and Sangeeta maa'm. Their way of teaching is excellent. My son developed his interest in these subjects because of teching Methodology. Teachers attitude towards him was so nice and they have lot of patience to understand the child and they never reacted.My son is really lucky to have Teachers like you. It's not only the school studies but they have tought moral values to have good foundation in his life

Thank you so much for your Love and affection for my child.

Many Thanks,
Jayashree Toradmal.

Archana jasud 11-Jun-2016

Thank you miss Tejal .My son Saatvvik has scored A1in std1st.He also participated in Amanora dance compitation.He danced very beautifully and happily. Thanks for guiding him.

Mrs Alifia Patrawala 30-Apr-2016

Respected Sir/Madamme,
My daughter Khadija Patrawala is studying in SRKG - D.
I would like to thank her teacher Estelline Maam for bringing out the best in her. My daughter loves to go to school and the credit goes to her teacher Estelline Maam, for all her hardwork and the various activities done in class. Thankyou so much for nurturing my childs future.

Adv. Rahul Kankariya, Adv. Smita Kankariya 21-Apr-2016

Dear Principal Madam,

This year our daughters have completed their respective academic years of 3rd (B) and Jr. KG (C) in PPS.

Our special complements for Harsha Madam for educating and nurturing Disha in very cultured and positive manner. There is significant all around improvement in Disha, she has now become more focused and she has started liking studies. Many congratulations to Harsha Madam for developing reading habits in students. Due to madam encouragement and guidance, Disha is now inclined towards reading and as a result she has won “The Book Worm” prize for Term II.

Our younger daughter i.e. Rijul has also shown significant improvement in studies specially in last couple of academic month and credit for the same goes to Neelu Madam. Rijul by nature is little naughty and it becomes difficult for teacher to train. Entire credit for Rijul’s improvement goes to her Neelu Madam alone.

Lastly, we congratulate and thank all teachers, Principal madam and entire support staff for making PPS best place to learn, develop and grow. All the best.

Adv. Rahul Kankariya
Adv. Smita Kankariya

Dharini Shah 01-Feb-2016

My daughter Mahi Shah studies in 3 B ,last year changed her school from Vibgyor High International to PPS Hadapsar and today I am really happy and satisfied with my decision...really want to appreciate the school as well the teachers who nurture the students so well...Last year it was Prajaktamam and this year its Harshamam wow the way they teach not only studies but the true values of life I really want to thank them for their great efforts..keep it up....Thanks
Dharini Shah

Ajay Dhane 17-Dec-2015

Respected Neelu Madam,

Our daughter Ira Dhane is studying in Jr-KG C.

We feel so lucky to have gotten you as a teacher this year. Ira loves your class from the start and never grew bored. You helped her get organized, motivated, and above all, interested in learning, which is no small feat.

We want to thank you for all your hard work. Ira loves school and it's easy to see why. We hear all about the dynamic way you teach and encourage participation and are pleased that our daughter is learning so much.

You're doing a fantastic job!

Thanks Once Again,
Snehal and Ajay Dhane

Meghana & Jaidev Dutta 10-Jun-2015

Anushree wants to be a teacher when she grows up. We think that is the best testimonial that her teachers Supriya Mam and Neelu Mam can get. It speaks volumes about the care and guidance Anushree gets from her teachers. As parents we believe that Anushree's teachers have equal contribution in her growth as a complete individual. Thanks a lot Supriya Mam and Neelu Mam.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks a lot for your support. Master Anshul has scored A1 in Final exam.
Anshul has got lot of confidence and positive behaviour changes.
Credit goes to Class Teacher Monica Bhatia mam.
Thanks to all teachers and school staff also.
Sunil Jain

Alifia Patrawala 11-Apr-2015

Respected Principal Ma'am,
My daughter Khadija Patrawala is studying in Jr-kg E.
A Big Thank You to Supriya ma'am for all her efforts she has put in for all the various activities.
She has explained all the concepts very clearly.My daughter has started speaking in English confidently.
The best is that she encourages the child for every activity they do.This encouragement has helped my child do her best.
Thanks again to Supriya Ma'am.

Manasi Puranik 31-Mar-2015

Hello, My son Amogh studies in Jr. KG E. I would like to thank his class teacher Mrs. Supriya mam for her efforts to bring best out of my child. Amogh has shown lot of improvement in multiple areas in the last one year and has formed a great rapport with Supriya mam. Her teaching techniques and friendly interaction with children has imbibed a sense of comfort in all the children, they look forward to going to school and learn new things. Thanks again Supriya Mam for making this academic year fun , enjoyable and at the same time making my child's learning foundation strong.

samruddhi tilekar 30-Mar-2015

Dear Principal Mam,
My daughter Tanishqa Tilekar is studying in Jr.KG.(E) I would like to thank for various activities held by school.
I really appreciate the efforts made by her class teacher Supriya Mam . Their way of teaching basic concept is excellent
Student can understand easily. I can see many +ve changes like she try to read, she finishes her tiffin etc. In my kid .
All credit goes to Supriya Mam for their efforts. We hope to see Supriya Mam in Sr. KG. Also.

Thanks and Regards,

samruddhi tilekar 30-Mar-2015

Dear Principal Mam,
My daughter Tanishqa Tilekar is studying in Jr.KG.(E) I would like to thank for various activities held by school.
I really appreciate the efforts made by her class teacher Supriya Mam . Their way of teaching basic concept is excellent
Student can understand easily. I can see many +ve changes like she try to read, she finishes her tiffin etc. In my kid .
All credit goes to Supriya Mam for their efforts. We hope to see Supriya Mam in Sr. KG. Also.

Thanks and Regards,

Mahesh Phutane 27-Mar-2015

Respected Madam,

Greetings for the day.

First of all we would like to thank Monica mam for being an excellent educator.
We appreciate her time, her patient, her ability to make a dry subject interesting and easy.
Jiyaa is enjoying the class, the activities planned in the class room and the way the class room is decorate, it helps our child and believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important. The way she deliver lessons and encourage participation we are pleased that our daughter is learning so much. Now Jiyaa is improved a lot in communication. We hope to see Monica Mam to be class teacher for 2nd standard also.

Thanks once again and best wishes to Monica Mam.

Thanks & Regards

Mahesh Phutane.

Ajita Dhurpate 25-Mar-2015

Hello my son Arya is studying in Jr.Kg.(E).I would like to say Big thanks to Supriya Maam.At the starting my son was little bit slow learner but he has shown remarkable improvement in this year. Many times he was not able to concentrate or was disconnected in class. He was not eating his tiffin.Now he is very good in his study as well as other activities. His confidence level has increased. He talk more. He finished his tiffin. His overall improvement is tremendous. I really appreciate the effort taken by Supriya maam and school.

Shubhangi Deshmukh 28-Feb-2015

My son Sarvarth is studying in Jr.KG-B.I am satisfied with the efforts being taken by the teachers for settling down the students to school culture.All of us agree that the children do not want to go to school willingly when they start afresh.I think , the school has done good job on this front. I thank to Nilu mam in particular making this happen.Sarvarth likesNilu mam.Even i can see improvement in him.thanks to his teachers.

ashish dharwadkar 13-Dec-2014

First we thanks to Ms Nilu mam.
My daughter Srusshti studding in Junior KG had a remarkable improvement compare to last year in academic as well as in ground activity. Varity of the activity been conducted during the school hours & due to this she had a good development in behavior & self confidence too. Also I would like to highlight here, that the method of the teaching is so simple & well organized to the respective age groups so they can grab-up desired knowledge easily.
Overall scenario in the school is motivating & helpful to the child to develop his inner skills.
I would like to thank s to Principal mam, PPS Management, all staff & class teacher Ms Nilu mam to developing the future of nation.

Jai Prakash Gupta 07-Nov-2014

Belonging to middle class family, I was born and brought up in a small town and studied in Kendriya Vidyala. By my own experience and in the given background, I truly understand the role played by my school teachers in shaping up my life and I owe whatever I am today to my family and especially my teachers. Having said that, when I got my kid admitted to PPS I was little worried whether my daughter would have the privilege of having the similar guidance, support and coaching from the teachers around her. While my daughter is studying in PPS since last 2 years, I have noted some changes in my daughter off late during last 3-4 months and on enquiry I found out that Mrs Supriya (a new teacher in LGK-Section E) has joined recently and has been one of the key factor behind such change. I thank the school administration and especially Mrs Supriya for their help, guidance and support. Hope many more teachers like her come into the academic life of my daughter and help her in shaping her future into becoming a good human being.

Sanjay Pathak 10-Jul-2014

The Principal, teachers and non-teaching staff,
Pawar Public School,

I hereby thank the Principal and the teachers of Pawar Public School who have taught my daughter Satviki in the 8th, 9th and 10th standards. All of you have contributed to her success. The excellent teaching, encouragement and personal attention given in the class have helped Satviki achieve a high percentage in the ICSE examination. I would also like to thank all the non-teaching staff for their cooperation as well.

Thanking you,

With regards,

Yours truly,

Sanjay Pathak,
Satviki Pathak's Father.

Archana Aghav 17-Jun-2014

Dear Principal Madam,
I am a mother of your student Abhantari Aghav, studying in IInd A. Mam due to some time bound commitment during exams I could not give time to my daughter and we were tense for her exams and ultimately also for the result, but she achieved good rank in final. We want to give special thanks to her Teacher Mrs. Monica Bhatia and the School. We really appreciate her for efforts for preparing child not only for exam but also for other things like good habits manners. She has really changed my child the way we were expecting. My daughter use to say "Mummy you don't worry for my exam my teacher has taken revision no. times that no need to revise again". Thank you Principal Mam for such teachers and Thank you Monica Madam, for all your efforts and attention towards the children.

Anil Borate 04-Jun-2014

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and PPS staff for making the Netherlands trip a success. I am proud of PPS and their staff the way they started the trip initiative and made it a success. The trip went without any trouble and everybody was happy at the end.

I wish PPS and their staff all the best for their future assignments.

Anil Borate (Father of Varun Borate)

Nutan Dhanraj 07-May-2014

Dear Principal Mam,

I am mother of your student Master Aryan Kalbhor studying in Sr. Kg C Division. In fact my both kids are studing in PPS. As we come close to this academic year, it was time to looks back for past year. For me it was a wonderful year to move on. Especially with time I can surely see a lot of improvement in Aryan & has excel in many of the activities practised in the school.

One of the example I wanted to mention was recently conculded "Evolution of the Universe". It was a excellent planned & executed event. My entire family appreciated a lot. We were very Happy to see our child freely performing on the stage especially when he is very shy at home. Even it was a pleasent surprise for me to see him fluently executing his dialogues as well as dance performance. We understand behind the curtain's there are lot of efforts going into it. Taking this opportunity to congratulate the teachers & entire team behind it. Difficult to find many words to write but your team surely deserve a huge THANKS!! for all efforts taken to Help our kids to know & understand the world outside. Thanks a lot & looking forward to continue with it.

Best Regards,
Nutan Dhanraj.

Mr. Vikas Mahajan 30-Jan-2014

Just wanted to share the feedback about Mr. Abhay Jagtap (PT Teacher). We had given this feedback to class teacher also and from her, we came to know about the efforts and thought process put in for PT Class.

Our kid, Adwait, enjoy his lessons and has developed a greater appreciation for PT Class and sports in general, it’s because of efforts and skills of Mr. Jagtap. It is helping Adwait to go on playground and participate in sports activities, I am sure, the same will help other students also in long term. Thanks to Mr. Jagtap, for his patience, hard work and dedication; he truly go above and beyond.

Anjali Madam and Sugwekar Sir, Thank you, for the space and platform provided to students and teachers; I hope students will have more amazing teachers like Mr. Jagtap; on open day we were trying to meet him to share the feedback in person, but couldn’t do so, requesting you to convey our sincere thanks to him.


Kirti & Vikas Mahajan

Padmavati Joshi 29-Jan-2014

Congratulations to the students, staff and teachers for the wonderful science exhibition! The best were the presentation skills shown by the students!


I would like to congratulate you for a wonderful EVENT organised by the school as SCIENCE EXHIBITION

It was absolutely delightful to watch our little kids performance to the different tunes during the programme to exhibit their creativity , wonderful ideas & innovations.

More than the actual show, it was the enthusiasm and the enjoyment that the children displayed during EXHIBITION , the show were awesome!!!.

It was the joint efforts of the School mentors , teachers , staff & the students.


Ayush Mishra 14-Feb-2012

It was a great experience with teachers of PPS especially with teachers of Sr. KG-F. Harsha Madam is excellent. She handled my child with such great care, I see a lot of great improvements in my son.
She is an excellent teacher with a great understanding of how to take care of kids.
I really appreaciate the help and support she gave my son.

VII B parent 14-Feb-2012

I am very delighted by the positive response from the teachers to improve the skills in students and motivation given by displaying the charts showing studentwise behaviour.

Tejal Devshetwar 14-Feb-2012

We are very thankful to the Principal and the class teacher for their efforts in making our child comfortable and also creating tremendous interest in school and learning.

Today my child is very fond of school and studies. Teacher is very dear to her. We are truely impressed by the teacher's support in bringing up my daughter.

Disha Kankariya 14-Feb-2012

My daughter Disha is studying in Jr. KG in PPS. I am using this software called RITeSchool from last year when my daughter was in Nursery. It is really a very good software which gives entire information about students’ attendance, fees details, progress report, syllabus, events, SMS, etc. It is really a useful and beneficial software. Thanks

Bhavini Mathur 14-Feb-2012

First of all I want to express my thanks to Dr. Anjali for accepting , implementing and most important continuously improving the school site. I am one of the satisfied users of PPS, Pune online facilities. I would also want to extend my thanks to the development and support team who are maintaing this site.

Vihaan Gaikwad 14-Feb-2012

This is the fourth time I'm visiting this Portal, the first I logged was to check my son's attendance and to pay the school fees. Next few attempts were to pay fees only. But, today I took some time going through the information provided and I was amazed to see such excellent information and there's so much to learn Reading the Counsellor's corner is really helpful and it simply relates to your general routine at home and teaches you how to grow up with your kid. Then I looked at the Student's contribution especially the Book Review which is simply great, I myself was not aware of the meanings of the few words mentioned in that book ;-). I must say "THANK YOU" to everyone who's involved in maintaining this Portal and keeping the information updated. To, Pawar Public School, it is one of the most advanced schools I've seen. You people are really doing a great job and I feel comfortable sending my kid to school and I'm sure with the techniques you are using he's going to be a good citizen of tomorrow

Dhruvika Agrawal 14-Feb-2012

this is one of the best schools which I have seen in my life. The software is also very useful for us.

R. Vaishnavi 14-Feb-2012

I hope I can take this opportunity as a privilege to contact you with regard to my feelings towards the school and teachers. I am S. Ravi. F/o Vaishnavi R. IV - A student.

First of all I thank you very much for an excellent support to me and my child extended by all the teachers and staff. I am very happy that all the teachers are very co-operative and give equal opportunities to all the students which proves the capability of the teachers and the Principal. It is true that the teachers are taking care of all the children, as their own children and whenever children commit any mistakes, the way teachers rectify the mistakes shows an outstanding approach. In fact I can say that children are happy with the teachers.

During Deepavali, Shraddha Madam advised all the children not to waste their parent's money unnecessarily, which had an outstanding impact on the mind of the child so that she did not allow me to buy crackers.

I will be very happy, if Principal Madam expresses her appreciation for all the teachers of Std. IV - A , for their commendable contributions. It is my sincere request, please feel free to contact me at any time, for any contribution from my side for the development of the school.

I pray to God to keep all the teachers and staff happy, healthy and wealthy and I bless the children of the teachers to come up in their lives and shine like stars.