Student's Alumni
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Aims and Objectives:
  1. To meet and unite on a platform to form a group. This group will aim to develop individuals as well as work for the welfare of our school.
  2. To augment the progress of the school by giving valuable suggestions.
  3. To hold meetings periodically to identify the development of the individual students of the Alumni members.
  4. To keep update with the happenings in the school and give the best inputs.
  5. To connect to the present students and have a beneficial interaction.
  6. To share information with regards to Professional development. Profiles will be updated regularly.
  7. To have a constructive bonding useful to the society as well as to the individual.
  8. To scrutinize all communications to be put up on the website link of the Alumni.
  1. The members will meet once in a year. A team of present students, teachers and past members will be coordinating to function for the Alumni.
  2. Secretary of the Alumni will plan for the year ahead.
  3. A member will be in charge of a strong networking and interact with the past students as well as the present.
  4. The Magazine In-charge will publish report in the Newsletter of the school of the events of the Alumni.
  5. Articles will be put up by the members to share experiences along with photos to inspire others.