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The Primary Section is the most significant of all the grades. The children learn to decipher the words by applying the knowledge of alphabets. The students learn textual analysis. The operation of numbers is grasped and comprehended by the students at this level. Exploration is at a deeper level. The XSEED curriculum which is based on activities, experiment, analysis and logical deduction is followed. Emphasis is given to observation and self-learning rather than giving readymade information and rote learning.

To achieve this development in all areas, our school conducts the academic sessions along with fun filled activities. Concepts are taught with the help of many demonstrations and slide shows. Library classes are held and reading habit is inculcated to increase the vocabulary. The Grade I students are encouraged to write creatively .The writing skills are enhanced and the smallest of the punctuation like a comma is given importance while teaching. Emphasis is also laid upon the neatness of handwriting. Mathematics is taught along with examples from everyday life.

A number of co-curricular activities help the talents of our primary children to bloom. Students are also trained on the know-how of the latest technology. Science and Social Science are introduced through hands on experiences. Competitions and Visits add to enrich the students’ knowledge.

Overall, our structured programme prepares a firm and strong foundation for the students to perform well in the higher grades.