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The children at the Pre-Primary level are encouraged to ask questions. We have a guided, purposeful program for learning, this program engages student in their own learning and encourages them to develop a lifelong curiosity about the world. Students are encouraged to ask questions and reason things to develop a sound method for evaluating information and building knowledge. The curriculum incorporates following essential elements.
  • language development
  • knowledge
  • concepts
  • skills
  • attitude
  • action
We follow a theme based curriculum, every month we have one theme and all the activities done are related to that theme. It is an integrated curriculum. A typical day in the Pre-Primary is as follows The day starts with the morning prayers followed by the Rhyme session, then we have the main theme for the month –‘the concept time ‘ followed by the activity time, language time, number time, art and craft, audio visual time, physical activity, circle time.