Managing Committee
Mrs. Supriya S. Sule
Is the Managing Trustee for the Pawar Public Charitable Trust and Member of Governing Body for Pawar Public School. She is a person for whom education at every level is a passion. She has a strong belief in the potential for human growth. Her mission is to mould a generation of individuals who are not only well educated, but are complete human beings with a strong national & social conscience, who are self confident and mature and have a balanced look to life. She believes that it is the responsibility of the present generation to create the leaders for tomorrow and if we can instill the right values & empower them with leadership qualities, these individuals will be the pride of our nation and assets to society at large.
Mr. Sadanand Sule
Is also a trustee of the Pawar Public Charitable Trust. He is the person who has laid the foundation of stringent quality control for the school. He is an economist by profession and is a perfectionist who is not prepared to accept any compromise on the quality of education at PPS. He is the visionary who has spared no expenses in providing for the state of art infrastructure to the school and has set very high goals for the school to achieve.
Dr. R. D. Bapat
Is presently the Chairman at the Haffkine Bio-Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd. He has retired as the Professor and Head of Department of Surgical Gastroenterology, KEM Hospital after serving there for 42 years. He has also been the Vice Chancellor, Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nasik. Dr.Bapat has also won the ‘Ideal Teacher Award’ conferred by the National Foundation of Teachers of India in 1988. A multi-faceted personality, Dr.Bapat is also badminton champion, orator, leader, and of course a great teacher!
Mrs. Meenakshi Bhat
Is a hard core educationist associated with the field of education and management of the students for more than 30 years. She has a vast experience in main stream teaching as well as teaching disabled students. Her strength lies in setting up of assisted learning programs for the weaker students and offering career counseling for students. At PPS she has been pillar of strength for the school by conducting various teachers training workshops on classroom teaching techniques, evaluation methodology etc.
Mrs. Padmavati Joshi
Mrs. Padmavati Joshi is a highly experienced academician for almost 30 years. She is a Post Graduate in Biochemistry from Mumbai University with B.Ed from Pune. She began her career as a Lecturer in a Degree college in 1984. She has the experience of teaching all sections of primary, secondary and junior college too. She has also taught the engineering students for a few years. Her success is reflected by the achievements of her students. Her strong area of interest is to develop innovative methods of teaching which are apt for the new generation of students. Her good rapport with the youngest and with the eldest of the students is due to her keen awareness in understanding children. She has completed a course in Psychology too. She has worked as a Coordinator for back office work in a Private firm the knowledge of which, she now implements in her administrative work in the school. She is a firm believer in team building and through her own hard work endeavors to set an example for others.